NØIE is Yours — Every Time

NØIE is customised skincare based on individual skin profiles, scientifically proven ingredients, and shared knowledge within a community united by similar issues.

But getting healthier skin is more than just customised products. It’s (often) a long journey with ups and downs. Effective products will get you most of the way, but continuous follow-ups, human interaction and guidance is just as essential. In order to fully understand and support our users, we have conversations with them every single day. Without the learnings from our users, NØIE couldn’t exist.

What NØIE is solving

We know the importance of applying the right skincare.

But finding your way through the jungle of products and offerings is a time-consuming and frustrating process. Often leading to wrong choices that don’t do any good for your skin. Those of us with skin concerns are all too familiar with this.

By combining dermatological knowledge with feedback from the community and your individual needs we’re creating skincare that eliminates guesswork and coincidence.

86% report a skin improvement

Skin is not static, and one type of skincare rarely stays effective over a longer period of time. That is why we have enough compositions and products available to provide everyone with a product to meet their ever-changing needs.

The more feedback the community provides, the more precisely we can customise and develop NØIE's products. Instead of being trapped in an overwhelming jungle of products and offerings, it is now possible to systematically find a personal product that will work for you.

Everything we do, we do for our users

Some of those have the incredible courage to share their (skin) stories, even though they’re deeply personal.

Customised skincare that works. Really.

It's time for a new approach to problematic skin:
one that's smart, helpful,
and above all - honest.

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