Build your unique Skin Profile

NØIE is here to guide you to healthy skin, by supporting you with the best possible cream for your unique needs.

Instead of mass produced one-size-fit-all skincare products, we put together your product based on your personal Skin Profile, which contains exactly the ingredients that are essential for you and your skin. That starts with choosing not only the best ingredients, but the right ingredients.

Match with your customised skincare

We have screened thousands of skincare products, selected the very best and studied their ingredients.

This unique knowledge has been combined with the data from over 150,000 people and their experiences with the products. So not only do we know what works. We also know what works for whom. And for you.

Healthy, happy skin delivered

The days are over where you have to guess your way through the jungle of products and skincare offers. NØIE gets rid of all that noise by making it easy for you to find the skincare that's best for your skin.

We pack your customised skincare with love and care and send it straight to you.

Made for you. Improved with you

The more feedback we get from you and the community, the more precise we become at adapting and developing our products. In this way, everybody contributes to improving the creams — for the good of not just your skin, but everyone else's too. That's The Power of Us.

Take our skin test

Here at NØIE, we make customised skincare. When you’ve taken the skin test, we can match you with skincare that works best for your specific skin - it’ll even have your name on the bottle.