Share the NØIE love

You love NØIE (fingers crossed). You love your friends. Share the love and you'll both be rewarded.

If you refer a friend to try out NØIE, you can give and get €14 😍 Your friend needs to be a first time customer at NØIE.

How it works

It's pretty simple: Refer a friend, give them €14 off and receive a €14 discount code for yourself.

And the best part? You can refer as many as you like. There's no cap on the discount codes you're eligible for. Or maybe the best part is that you'll both save money and hopefully get better skin.

You'll get the discount code(s) once your friend(s) has completed their first purchase. Your friend(s) needs to be a first-time customer at NØIE.

How to: You can send your friend(s) an email with a direct link or you can copy your personal referral code and paste it somewhere handy. Pro hack: Could be your Instagram bio or a direct message on text/Messenger/WhatsApp (if you're not that much into email).