Your skin’s unique. But it’s not unique-unique. 

Chances are there are people out there with similar skin traits to you. 

Our research shows us that people who share a similar Skin Profile are likely to share the success from the same formulas.

So there’s a lot to learn from each other. From a community of people with shared experiences. 

And we learn from all of you each and every day. 

More specifically, our algorithms learn from you (they’re pretty smart those things). 

We’re constantly fine-tuning each and every formula based on data from real people using our products.

So with every new member, we get smarter. And your skin gets better.

That’s the beauty of coming together — a problem is shared. We’re bigger, stronger and we can achieve so much more.

It’s the power of many. It’s the power of us.

What's a Skin Profile?

Your Skin Profile is a combination of the answers from your skin test, extensive scientific research and vast amounts of feedback from our community.  

In other words, it’s a lot(!) of data, all condensed into one Skin Profile and 3 coordinates that represent your specific placement within the NØIE universe, consisting of thousands of other NØIE users.

Your place (and thereby Skin Profile coordinates) within the NØIE universe may change over time. Either because you’ve retaken the skin test or because feedback from the community has made us even smarter about your skin’s needs. 

The great thing about that is that your feedback directly affects other NØIE users. You’re not only making your own skin better, you’re helping an entire community getting better skin.

What happens when you take the skin test?

When you take the NØIE skin test you’re matched with customised skincare based on your unique skin profile. Your skincare is also based on the feedback from other users whose skin profiles are similar to yours.

Over time your skin will change and so will your skin profile. That leads to new carefully, customised skincare.

Made for you – improved by our community - that’s the power of us.