Caring for... Yourself

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Caring for... Yourself

Caring for… Yourself

By Charlotte, Video Journalist at Nøie


When was the last time you did something for yourself?

And with that I don’t mean eating an extra piece of chocolate or taking a long bath.

No, when was the last time you dared to make a difficult decision in order to take care of yourself?

On a beautiful autumn day, I set out to meet a cool and powerful woman who has dared to do exactly that.

Read along and watch Kim tell her story at the bottom of this page.

The surf dream away from home

In the meditative noise from the roar of the ocean, a massive black car arrives at the parking lot in front of the local surfing school in Klitmøller - also known as Cold Hawaii. A woman gets out of the car and walks towards me, smiling. “Hi, I’m Kim,” she says.

Meeting with her is why I have travelled from the capital to windy Thy on the Westcoast. Kim has agreed to tell me her story about daring to go her own way and caring for her own happiness.

Nøie customised skincare caring for yourself Kim the surfer

Kim Petersen is originally from Flensburg in Germany but she moved to Denmark one year ago to follow her dream: surfing.

“The waves look good today,” she says, nodding towards the ocean.

Around us, sand dunes covered in green grass provide shelter from the heavy wind. Kim prepares her gear for the surf session of the day. Out on the ocean other early morning surfers are already floating around waiting for the next big wave.

“The most important thing for me is to be happy. And I realised, I’m most happy, when I’m someplace where I can surf every day,” she explains.

Nøie customised skincare caring for yourself Kim the surfer

Kim’s friends and family weren't exactly thrilled about the idea of her moving to Denmark. “You really wanted to move to Denmark because of surfing? It’s just a phase, you need to get back to your normal life!” is one of the comments she gets most often whenever she visits friends and family in Germany.

Despite the fact that Kim has experienced well-intentioned resistance along the way, she has never doubted the fact that living out her dream was the right decision for her.

“This is where I belong. That’s my way of caring for myself” she says, smiling.

Care as inspiration

In Nøie, we celebrate people who, like Kim, truly care for someone or something because it’s the core of everything that we do. 

From developing products, hiring new employees and choosing the most sustainable packaging or communicating with our users, to care is always our beacon.

That’s why we’ve made a new mini-documentary series where we’ll portrait and celebrate those who have found their own way of caring for themselves, others, or a topic of their interest. We hope that their stories will inspire you to find your way of caring.


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