The number 1 thing to avoid when your skin’s breaking out

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The number 1 thing to avoid when your skin’s breaking out

First things first: Don’t panic. And know that it’s completely normal to have breakouts. 

Now, there are several things you shouldn’t do when the chips are down and the pimples are up. 

However, there are also a number of things you can do to improve the breakout situation, which (let’s be honest) never has good timing. 

With that said, there’s one thing you absolutely should NOT do. And that is:


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We know it’s tempting to pop those little devils in the hopes of them vanishing after being knocked out by your two fingers.

Reality is often far from the dream situation of your pimples magically disappearing:

If you choose to squeeze your pimples, you’ll open them up and risk contaminating them with bacteria from your hands or fingers.

And that makes the trouble even more troublesome. 

Also, squeezing your pimples means you’ll risk getting skin marks. 

Both should be reason enough for simply not squeezing your zits and keeping your hands in your pockets.

And please don’t do the following either

Again, don’t panic. And don’t panic-buy new skincare products in the hope that splurging on your skirt will yield immediate results.

Applying new skincare products on your already stressed out skin is likely to just worsen the breakout. We guess that’s not what you’re looking to do. 

Instead, you should stay true to your skincare routine. Unless you suspect it’s something from your routine that’s causing the breakout. 

However, if you’ve recently added new products to your skincare routine, it’s perfectly normal that your skin acts out a bit. 

Your skin needs a bit of time to adapt to the new products. A period of 2-3 weeks is normal, but by then your skin should start to improve.

And last, but not least: Don’t overload the affected area with drying spot treatments or tea tree oil. Or toothpaste (not sure who started this urban skin myth, but it’s no good).


What you can do when having a breakout

Stay strong, patient and consistent by keeping up with your regular skincare routine. 

And be good to your skin. Treat it with care by gently massaging the area when cleansing your skin. 

You can also massage moisturiser or facial oil into the area. If you use a spot treatment, make sure it’s one that calms and gently exfoliates the skin.

If your skin feels sore due to the breakout, you can cool it: Wrap an ice cube in a clean paper towel and hold it against the area for a minute or two. Give it a minimum 30 minutes of rest afterwards.

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