Truly caring for… Yourself x Anusha Samia

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Truly caring for… Yourself x Anusha Samia

On a foggy Wednesday morning a few weeks ago I met with Panna Player Anusha, and had a chat about her passion for the game. This is her story about Truly Caring.

Written by Charlotte, Video Journalist at Nøie

A few minutes after arriving at the street football field in the Copenhagen neighbourhood, Nordvest, a young woman walks towards me with a smile plastered on her face. Her colourful scarf and shirt compliment the surrounding street art-covered concrete walls perfectly.

“Hi, Charlotte. I’m Anusha. Nice to finally meet you,” she says.

Not that she needed an introduction. The second I saw the football casually placed under her arm, I knew who she was.

Her name is Anusha Samia and she’s one of Denmark’s most promising Panna football players. Even though she’s pretty new to the game she has already played against some of the best players in the world both nationally and internationally.

It didn't take long after meeting Anusha to realise that playing Panna is not just her hobby. It’s her passion.

“I’ll do a short warm-up while you get your camera gear ready,” she says as the ball hits the asphalt with a quiet *clonk*.


“Women can’t play football”

Anusha has played regular football since a young age but after several injuries she got forced to quit the game. So it wasn’t until some guys on Instagram provoked her into showing her skills that she started playing Panna. 

“I’d seen a live video on Instagram with some boys who said that girls couldn’t play football. And I was just sitting there behind the screen almost about to explode with anger. So I went the next day and made the boys take back their words,” she says.

Anusha dreams of being one of the best players in the world, not only to prove something to herself but to show other young women that girls can actually be among the best in the world.

She’s hoping that other women will watch her and think: “Alright, if there’s a girl who’s playing against the best boys in the world, I can too,” she tells.


Like dancing

While looking at her tossing the ball around the ground it’s easy to tell why she often compares playing Panna with dancing.

“Panna is like dancing because you’re following the music and feel the rhythm on the ball. You just feel completely free. It really is the best feeling,” she explains. 

Only interrupted by a train arriving at the nearby station Anusha continues talking about her love for the game:

“Honestly, it’s really difficult to explain what Panna means to me. It’s a really big part of me. It’s happiness. It’s freedom. It’s my way of truly caring for myself,” she says.

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