How to use your new Nøie Face cream

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Thank you so much for choosing Nøie as part of your skincare routine. We can’t wait to hear about your results 🤗

While you wait for your order to be delivered, I’ll tell you a little bit about how to use your cream and how your skin may need a little time to get used to your new routine.

How to use your cream

  • We recommend cleansing your face every morning and evening. Use your Nøie Face Cleanser or a cleanser that works for your skin 💦
  • After cleansing your face, apply a thin layer of your Nøie cream. We recommend 2-3 pumps, but do what feels good on your skin 🧴
  • Your new Nøie Face Cream should replace your current moisturiser. Spread a thin layer on your entire face and don’t wash it off
  • If your skincare routine includes other products that work for you, feel free to keep them in your routine. Use your Nøie Face Cream as the last step in your routine (unless you use sunscreen - that should always be the very last step 😉)
  • If you have eczema and use prescription creams, think of your Nøie Face Cream as an add-on. We recommend using your Nøie cream 5-10 minutes before applying your prescription cream - this trick makes both creams more effective 👏

Getting used to your cream

Changing your skincare routine often requires a period of time, where your skin may behave differently to what you are used to. It varies from person to person how the skin reacts and how fast the skin improvement appears. But don’t lose patience, the results will be well worth it! 💪✨

Don’t sweat it if you experience:

  • Your skin feels dry. If your skin is used to a different amount of oil, than what you have in your new Nøie cream, it can also react with dryness. But that’s completely normal too! The squalane in your new cream will help your skin stabilise its production of oil, so healthy and moisturised skin is just around the corner ✨

  • Applying your cream makes your skin sting. It’s a tedious side effect, but unfortunately some of our users feel a stinging sensation when applying their cream the first couple of days. It’s completely normal and happens because your skin needs time to get used to the new ingredients. However, if the stinging doesn’t stop after a week, please contact me and I will help you find a solution 💛

  • Your skin doesn’t react at all. As mentioned before, it varies from person to person how the skin reacts to a new product. So if your skin doesn't react with dryness, oliness, breakouts or anything else - that’s completely normal too! And may I add super nice for you if your skin starts looking better and healthier from day one 🤩

Don’t forget that we are with you all the way on your journey towards healthier skin 💛 Please don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions or concerns.



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