At NØIE, we have a strong team of experts within dermatology, pharmaceuticals, medicine, data, customer relations, and innovation.

We’re so proud to have a true powerhouse of experts at NØIE. Science, data, and a lot of heart is at the core of everything we do - including our products.  

We’re here to disrupt the skincare industry with personalised skincare.

Christian, Head of R&D

Christian is our Head of R&D and is a MSc in Molecular Biology & Genetics from University of Copenhagen. 

He’s got years of experience as Scientific Advisor at the world’s leading pharmaceutical company within topical treatment of skin diseases, working on increasing patient adherence and providing innovative solutions to increase disease management. 

“My role at NØIE is building upon these skill sets both from a user experience, but most actively from a product development point of view. Practically, it means translating large data sets into actionable developments, and validating the products via crowd sourced science and machine learning together with our highly skilled Data Scientists.

I’m a science guy, so basically the most important part of my job is to substantiate all decisions upon learnings and insights, and not on commercial impact or market trends.”

Charlotte, Lead Formulation Scientist

Charlotte is a MSc in Chemical Engineering with Cosmetics as a specialty from University of Montpellier 2, while also having a background in International Management from University of Saint-Quentin en Yvelines.

Charlotte is a Lead Formulation Scientist at NØIE and has over 10 years of experience in formulating skin care cosmetics - from the ideation to the production of the skincare products. 

"My main expertise is development of high quality, safe and efficient formulas that meet the consumer needs. I am a creative and energetic Formulation Scientist, passionate about science and always willing to learn new things.

 My role is to identify new customer skin related needs and develop the right formulation that will help them to live a better life with their skin. I’m good at selecting the best lead ingredients and the right texture for each individual skin to reach that goal.”

Huda, Care Advisor & Scientific Assistant

Huda has a pharmaceutical background from UCPH School of Pharmaceutical Science, and is currently studying Chemical Engineering at DTU to top it off.

Huda works as a Care Advisor in the Community Care team and she’s also part of the R&D team as a scientific assistant, working on early stage disease learning and treatment understanding. 

“I’ve dealt with acne myself and have been on different medications which had a big impact on my self esteem. So I don’t only see skincare as a hobby but my passion and career. 

I’ve always been interested in skincare and science - and especially the combination of the two. I believe that the skincare industry needs more science and definitely more clearance on how different ingredients work chemically and biologically speaking. I also want to fight the battle against outdated beauty ideas on how your skin should look like. This world needs to see more pictures of how real skin looks like. And I feel like NØIE is contributing towards all these things.”

Ida, Formulation Scientist

Ida has a Master’s degree in Pharmacy from the School of Pharmaceuticals Sciences. She’s previously worked at a pharmacy, helping people with all sorts of skin concerns. 

Ida works at NØIE as a Formulation Scientist, ensuring the safety of our products and making sure they comply with the regulatory requirements.

“My passion for skincare actually started when I was young and struggled with acne. After going through my studies within pharmaceuticals, I found it very fulfilling being able to help other people who also struggle with skin concerns.

What I love most about my job as Formulation Scientist is that I can use my pharmaceutical knowledge about physical/chemical properties of ingredients and my knowledge about the pathology behind skin concerns to formulate customised skincare products that can help people with skin concerns.”

Stine, Skincare Professional

Stine is a registered nurse from the University College Copenhagen and is also a certified nurse in medical aesthetics from N’age Academy. 

Stine is supporting our Community Care team in cases where our users have experienced an adverse reaction to skin care products, feel insecure about how to use their products, or when we get medical queries from our users.

“My latest job prior to NØIE was as a nurse at Dermatology and Venereology department at Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen where I daily supported patients in skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. What I’m doing as a Skincare Professional at NØIE, is combining my passion for skin care and customer service where I use the best knowledge of both worlds.

My philosophy is that skincare doesn’t have to be complicated, which is also everything that NØIE stands for, so I’m really happy to be working here.”

Cæcilie Bachdal Johansen, Medical Doctor, External Advisor

Cæcilie Bachdal Johansen is a MD from University of Copenhagen, holds an additional education within journalism from Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole, and is currently working at the Dermatological Department at Bispebjerg-Frederiksberg Hospital. 

Furthermore, she’s running the Instagram profile where she shares medical and dermatological knowledge with her many followers.

Cæcilie is working with NØIE as an external advisor, providing us with a deeper understanding of the journey for people with skin concerns, as well as helping us move in a right and innovative direction.

Steffen, Lead Data Scientist

Steffen holds a MSc in applied Computer Science from University of Hagen and a PhD in Neuroscience from University of Copenhagen.

His scientific training has included doing analysis of measurements obtained from the human body, predicting behavioural outcome based on states of the mind (or “brain reading” in other words). He’s also worked with compound management and research informatics, investigating the possibilities of machine learning for bioassay ontology extraction in more traditional pharmaceutical R&D setups. 

At NØIE, Steffen is working as a Data Scientist, where he’s working with the analysing the data we get from the skin test and our users - specifically how to translate crowdsourced knowledge into products targeting individual skin problems.

Llion, Data Scientist

Llion holds a MSc in Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems from Aberystwyth University, Wales, and has a special interest in predictive modelling and scientific computing. 

“At NØIE, I keep track of advances in academic research, with a view to incorporating cutting-edge research into NØIE’s recommendation algorithms.

But first and foremost, I maintain and develop the recommendation platform we use for assigning products to customers. I love being able to use data to help customers find the right product for their needs.”