"I'm taking back control of my skin"

Our new personalised face creams for acne, zits and combination skin have been developed to give you the control of your skin back!

The formulations are based on our deep dermatological knowledge, scientific studies, feedback from our customers individual skin analyses and hundreds of messages between you and our Customer Care team, where you've been talking about your skin issues.

Wanna know more? Watch the video and order your customised face cream below.

Take the skin test in a couple of minutes

Here at Nøie we make customised skincare. When you've taken the skin test we can match you with the cream, that works best for you specific skin issues - it'll even have your name on it 👀


Recognise this?

See if you recognise any of the skin challenges below and start getting excited to receive your new custom formula if you do.

You have combination skin

So you have dry cheeks and an oily T-zone. So you're looking for a super clever product to give you moisture in the right places and to regulate your sebum production other places - at the same time. You get zits pretty often so you also need something to reduce the amount of unwanted bacteria on your skin's surface and to make sure your pores won't clog. Check!

You have zits

.. and you'd honestly rather not - trust us, we get you! At the same time you want something to give you plenty of moisture and that fights inflammation quickly if a zit should occur after all. 'Cause zits do happen once in a while even with the best skin care routine and the healthiest diet - we've all been there.

You have acne

And acne just sucks. Which is why you're searching for a product to really go deep into your skin's pores to cleanse bacteria and dead skin cells out of them. You need something to help on the skin's surface as well to reduce unwanted bacteria and restore your skin balance. You are totally aware, that it takes time to get rid of acne, so you're up for having 10-14 days of worse skin to make it better, healthier and free from acne afterwards.

We won't give up on you and your skin

78% of all Nøie users experience an improvement after 30 days. If you're not satisfied after 30 days, we'll send you a new customised cream for free or refund your money. Easy as that!

“After my pregnancy and breast feeding I was really struggling with acne and just felt that it would never end. I almost reached out to my doctor because it affected me so much, but after using my Nøie cream for two weeks I'm already seeing a big difference."


Review from Instagram

“I've been using my new cream and it's just amazing. It's really helping me with my skin issues which is just the best! Thank you so much for your great customer service!”

Review from Customer Care

"Honestly - I'm just so impressed! The cream for my face has made an incredible difference. The spots where my skin was ALWAYS dry has disappeared and the areas where my skin would always get oily are almost gone as well."

Review from Instagram

How it works

No more mass produced skincare. Our creams are based on deep dermatological knowledge and matched to your skin's specific needs. This is how it works:

1. Fill out your skin profile on

2. Match with your personal cream(s)

3. Your healthy skin journey begins

4. Track your skin and update your formulation

Match with your personalised cream