Dry and sensitive skin? Oh, do we know the feeling...

“I didn’t have the energy to spend more time figuring out what my skin needed to feel better. I Googled or visited different stores to learn more, but then maybe I forgot to tell everything I needed and the products never really worked for me.

Then my mom told me there was thing brand called Nøie. After using the cream for three days or something like I realised that now I had actually found something that really worked”.

Andreas improved his red, dry and sensitive skin in just three days, but it can take up to a month to see an improvement… Just to let you know, what to expect ;)

Take the skin test in a couple of minutes

Here at Nøie we make customised skincare. When you've taken the skin test we can match you with the cream, that works best for you specific skin issues - it'll even have your name on it 👀


We won't give up on you and your skin

Luckily, 78% of all Nøie users sees and feels an improvement after just 4 weeks, but if you're not satisfied with your results after the 30 days we'll send you a new personalised cream for free. If you still don't see an improvement, we'll give you your money back. Easy as that!

“Your body cream helped my water eczema so much, that I hardly notice it anymore. It has really increased my feeling of self worth.”

Review from Instagram

“I've been using my new cream and it's just amazing. It's really helping me with my skin issues which is just the best! Thank you so much for your great customer service!”

Review from Customer Care

"Honestly - I'm just so impressed! The cream for my face has made an incredible difference. The spots where my skin was ALWAYS dry has disappeared and the areas where my skin would always get oily are almost gone as well."

Review from Instagram

How it works

No more mass produced skincare. Our creams are based on deep dermatological knowledge and matched to your skin's specific needs. This is how it works:

1. Fill out your skin profile on noie.com

2. Match with your personal cream(s)

3. Your healthy skin journey begins

4. Track your skin and update your formulation

Match with your personalised cream