No more searching for skincare that actually works. Get your custom formula to fit your skin's condition - every time.

Skin Improvement Guarantee

We'll send you a new custom Face Cream or Body & Hand Cream formulation for free if you don't see a skin improvement after 30 days. If you still don't see a difference after another 30 days you'll get your money back. Easy as that!


“I practically haven’t had any zits since I started using Nøie. I was at the doctor who told me to start taking acne medication, which I wasn’t fond of because I know how harsh it can be for the skin. Then I started using Nøie and my acne just disappeared!” LIVA
“I’ve had skin issues since I was 13. It affected me a lot that I couldn’t just be me because I felt that I had to cover something that is completely normal. I’ve tried all sorts of creams and cleansers and nothing ever worked. Now, I just use a Konjac sponge and my Nøie cream every night. Apparently, that was all my skin needed.” FIE
“I am just so exited to see how my eczema ends up looking. After just 4 weeks they’ve gone from itching, stinging, being swollen and cracked to only a bit of dryness and itch, that can be kept down with the cream. I am very happy! Thank you!” CAMILLA
“I’ve been going with this for about 10 days and with a good face wash and Basiron at night, this cream really does wonders!” TOBIAS
“I’ve used my Nøie Face Cream for a few days now and I can already see a difference! I still get breakouts here and there, but I’m aware that my skin needs to adjust to the new product. My skin structure has changed and my face is no longer tight and dry after showering. I’ve had issues with my skin since 2006 and I’ve tried everything. I don’t use makeup to cover it up anymore.” VINNI
“I don’t wear makeup anymore after I started using the cream. I don’t really get zits and my skin has less redness. And the rash I had on my cheeks dissapeared in less than a week!” ANJA
“This is third time I make an order from you and it’s because I definitely see a very clear improvement. I don’t usually leave reviews but this time I just have to say, that your brand is amazing - you need to know! It has really made a huge difference on my skin and the before and after result is just crazy. So thank you so much!” Anonymous
“Great products and service from Nøie. At first I’d received a hand cream that was too thin in it’s consistency. But when I described the issue in one of their follow up emails I was contacted right away and offered a new, richer cream free of charge. The new cream has since then helped me a lot and now my hands look really nice.” Effi
“Fantastic brand! I can recommend it to everyone with skin issues who feel like they’ve tried everything, but haven’t found anything that worked. 10 stars from me.” Anonymous
“The service is nothing less than amazing. I’ve never experienced this level of professional care before.” Sofie
“A really great cream that just works. I could see an improvement after 2-3 weeks. On top of that the customer care is brilliant. I can highly recommend trying their creams.” Anette
“Lovely customer care and an amazing product! My face cream has quickly helped me to get rid of the redness from my areas with acne and after a few weeks my zits started to disappear as well! I’m really satisfied with the result” Kamille