You can’t manage what you haven’t measured

Ever felt overwhelmed by having to start measuring your carbon footprint - and with no clue on how to do so? We don’t blame you. The first step is the hardest.

But we’ve done our best to make that task just a tiny bit easier by giving away the very same carbon footprint tools we've used ourselves. We believe the journey towards better and smarter actions for the climate begin with measuring our impact. And then doing something about that impact. 

We can only do so much alone. But if we want to have a real impact, we need to collaborate. And that’s why we’re sharing these resources with you.

Start with this guide

In our Carbon Footprint Guide, we walk you through the 7 key steps in developing your carbon footprint calculations. We’re following the GHG Protocol, which is the world's most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standard. It covers all emissions in the company and throughout the entire supply chain - called scope 1, 2, and 3

Download our Carbon Footprint Guide here

Use our spreadsheet

Our Calculation Spreadsheet is where the magic happens. It’s been developed by our friends from The Footprint Firm and adapted to our needs. You’ll find all scopes and categories of the GHG Protocol and with useful examples of how to perform the calculations. 

The spreadsheet can be used by companies of all shapes and sizes and from all industries.

Spoiler alert: It took us 10 weeks to collect data and complete the calculations for our initial  baseline calculations.

Download our Calculation Spreadsheet here

Full transparancy

Ready to dive a bit deeper? Great, we love that you’re also one of the nerdy ones. 

We’ve prepared a Methodology Document where you can dive into our specific approach, considerations, data collection methods, and limitations for each of the scopes and categories in our 2021 calculations.

Please reach out to us on email if you have any questions or comments about our tools.

Download our Methodology Document here
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