Personal advisor policy


In order for you to achieve the best results and your skin goals, we will do our best to help and guide you. Therefore, as a NØIE member, you will be assigned a Personal Advisor from the start, who will accompany you on your journey. It is optional whether you want to answer your Personal Advisor's inquiries.


Your Personal Advisor will reach out to you for the first time when you have ordered your routine. If you need help earlier in the process, you can also always make direct contact via your profile.

During the first month, your Personal Advisor will contact you at the following times:

  • Once you have ordered your onboarding kit
  • Once you have received your individual routine
  • Once you have used your routine for 14 days
  • Once you have used your routine for 30 days
  • Before you start your membership

After the first 30 days, your Personal Advisor will check-in with you depending on your skin condition, severity and needs.

Contact will take place via SMS or WhatsApp and email.


You can unsubscribe from messages from your Personal Advisor at any time by either following the unsubscription link at the bottom of an email or by replying STOP to SMS or WhatsApp, or by contacting us at