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About NØIE
What does NØIE mean?
Who selects my products?
What is your Skin Improvement Guarantee?
Is my data safe?
Will you diagnose a specific skin condition?
All about our creams
What do you mean when you say the cream is customised?
Does NØIE contain steroids or hormones?
Are your creams friendly enough for sensitive skin?
Does your creams contain perfumes?
I have very sensitive skin. What if it reacts badly to my NØIE cream?
How often should I use my cream?
How long will it take before I start seeing results?
Can I use my cream all over my body?
Is it safe to use my cream while pregnant or breastfeeding?
Is it safe to use for children and newborns?
What is patch testing?
Facts about Face Cream 50ml packaging
Facts about Body Cream 130ml packaging
Facts about Body Cream 300ml packaging
All about our cleansers
Why is my cleanser not foaming?
How do I use my cleanser?
Why shouldn't I use my cleanser around the eyes?
My skin feels greasy after using my soft balm cleanser. Is that normal?
Why do you recommend rinsing with water after cleansing?
Why does my skin feel dry when I use my jelly cleanser?
Do your cleansers remove makeup?
Why am I recommended a different type of cleanser than the one I’ve listed as my preferred type in the test?
Facts about Face Cleanser 130ml packaging
All about our sunscreens
Should I use both face cream and sunscreen?
Should I use sunscreen during the winter?
Do I need to use sunscreen when I’m staying inside?
How do I apply sunscreen over my makeup?
What UV filters do you use in your sunscreens?
What’s the difference between SPF 30 and SPF 50?
Is SPF in face creams or makeup sufficient?
Why do you recommend SPF 30 as a minimum?
Why is there oil in my sunscreen?
Is my sunscreen harmless to marine life?
Why did you choose the reef friendly certification?
Facts about Face Sunscreen 50ml packaging
Facts about Body Sunscreen 130ml packaging
All about our serums
What is a serum?
Why add a serum to my routine?
How do I use my serum?
What skin concerns does your serums target?
Would adding multiple serums to my routine be beneficial?
Should I use a moisturiser on top of a serum?
Facts about Face Serum 30ml packaging
All about our Spot Treatments
What is a Spot Treatment?
How do I use my Spot Treatment?
How is the texture of your Spot Treatments?
Facts about Spot Treatment 15ml packaging
The practical things
Which payment methods do you accept?
What's the delivery time?
What's your return policy?
I forgot my password. What do I do?
How can I contact you?
Can I track my order?
How much does delivery cost?
Which countries do you ship to?
I want to order for someone else. Is that possible?
How do I cancel an order?
Can I add a one-time purchase to my next subscription order?
Can I unsubscribe anytime?
Can I decide how often I want to receive my products?
What if you’re about to send me my products, but I haven’t used up my current ones?
Why choose subscription?

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