How it works

NØIE is here to guide you to healthy skin by making the best possible solution for your individual needs.

We combine data and user feedback

Working with feedback data from more than 80,000 users, we personalise your dermocosmetics dedicated to acne-prone skin, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and more. With every user's feedback, we improve our ability to personalise solutions for even more people with skin issues.

Based on thorough research

We have screened thousands of skincare products on the market, selected the very best and studied their ingredients closely. This is the groundwork behind the skincare we personalise for you.

Customised care for your unique Skin Profile

Your journey starts by taking a skin test in order for us to create your Skin Profile. Then, instead of providing you with one-size-fit-all products, we customise a skincare solution containing exactly the right ingredients for your skin.

Skin Improvement Guarantee

After a trial period of 30 days we will check in on you to see if you have noticed any improvements. If not, we will keep working on your formulations until you are satisfied.

Our solution improves with the community

All feedback is added to the data from our other +80,000 users. Together they help us make ever more accurate formulations, thereby alleviating even more skin issues out there. That is how we help each other out.

86% of our users experience
a skin improvement

However - if you don’t, know that our team of advisors is there to help. We are happy to keep adjusting your solution as many times as it takes until you are satisfied. That is our Skin Improvement Guarantee.

Your individual routine will only consist of the products with the highest probability of providing results, which our algorithm suggests for your skin concern. Generally that will mean at least a cleanser and a face cream but depending on your skin, we may suggest further products.