The most personalised gift card you’ll ever give

Do you know someone who deserves healthier skin?

Give the gift of customised skincare.

We'll send you a beautiful, digital gift card. You can then either print it (and even wrap it up) or send it directly to the lucky one.

All you need to do is reach out to our Community Care Team and let them know what products you would like to gift, to and from details, as well as your own personalised message and they will do the rest for you!


Dermatologically tested

100% vegan

Without perfume

Without colorants

Gift Cards FAQ

If you're getting a gift card for someone else
How do I purchase a gift card for

Reach our Community Care Team to purchase a gift card for superb, Danish, customised skincare. We’ll send you an email with a drop-dead gorgeous gift card attached. You can either print it or send it digitally to your loved one.

Can I determine the value of the gift card?

We have carefully selected our users’ favorite skincare routines for face, body or both, for you to give. That way, your lucky receiver can complete the skin test and order their selection of customised products.

It also makes sure that the receiver can spend the entire gift card value, and isn’t left with that annoying €3 in excess.

How do I give the gift card to someone I love?

We’ll send you a beautiful digital gift card for you to either print out (and wrap) or send directly to the lucky receiver?

When will I receive the email with my gift card?

If your order only includes one or more gift cards, you’ll receive them right away.

If your order, however, also consists of physical products you will receive an e-mail with the gift cards once the physical products are sent.

Can I withdraw my purchase?

Nøie gift cards are worry-free! If you change your mind about your purchase within one year, we’ll give you a complete refund.

(We do, however, not recommend refunding after giving the gift card to someone. That’s really not cool.)

If you have received a gift card
How do I use my gift card?

Take the skin test to access your recommended products. Add your favourites to the basket and enter your gift card code where you would normally enter a discount code. Lean back and let us take care of the rest - you’ll receive your customised skincare shortly. Easy as that!

Can my gift card be used in conjunction with a discount code?

Who doesn’t love a good discount code? We would never rob you of the pure joy of discounts, so go ahead and use your gift card and discount code for the same order. We won’t tell anyone.

Can I use more than one gift card per order?

If you have received multiple gift cards, you’re a lucky devil! Obviously, you can combine all your new customised skincare in one order. That way, you save on shipping expenses and spare the environment. Win-win!

My total basket value exceeds the value of my gift card. What do I do?

It’s no easy task to limit your basket size, when it comes to skincare! But don’t worry - once you have entered your gift card code you can pay the remaining amount with one of the standard payment methods. When you combine your skincare in one order, you even save on shipping expenses and spare the environment. Win-win!

How do I check to see the balance on my gift card?

Want to know how much customised skincare you can add to your basket? Complete the skintest and add one of the customised products to your basket. Once you enter the gift card code in the box for discount codes, you’ll see how much of the total amount is deducted.

If you have any troubles with this, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we’ll help you out.

When will my gift card expire?

Your gift card is valid for 3 years, which means you have plenty of time to order your customised skincare. But why wait?

What happens if I Iose my gift card?

We’ve all been there: The big pile of wrapping paper from Christmas has been tossed - and with it your gift card. Damn!

The easiest thing to do now, is to ask the one you received the gift card from, if they still have the gift card in their email inbox. If this isn’t the case, please ask them to contact us at We’ll do everything in our power to retrieve your gift card.