Your guide to normal skin

We take a closer look at "normal" skin: How to know if you have normal skin and how to care for it. Let’s go!

Illustration of normal skin

Normal skin. Hmm. We’re not really big fans of that term. Are every other skin type not normal then? 

Of course, the answer is a sounding no. All skin types are normal.

The reasoning behind the name “normal skin” is that it’s characterised as a skin in balance - meaning not too dry, not too oily, not too sensitive. So yeah, basically just very… Normal. Or plain. Or basic. We got plenty of alternatives naming-wise, but for the sake of simplicity (and for using the same term as everyone else), we’ll just roll with normal skin.

How do I know if I have normal skin? 

Good question! Figuring out your skin type is an essential part of figuring out how to care for your skin. Different skin types have different needs. 

Generally speaking, if you can nod yes to the description above, you probably have normal skin. If you don’t know how to determine whether your skin isn’t too oily or too sensitive, there’s a tiny test you can do (all by yourself - cool right?). 

So the next time you take a shower, wash your face, pat it dry, and wait for 30-60 minutes to see how your skin feels. If you’re completely fine and nothing’s changed on your skin since washing it, we bet you have normal skin (and if this whole testing thing seems like a big project, take a look at our guide to skin types). 

How to care for normal skin

You could argue that a normal skin type is best described by everything that it isn’t. It’s not oily, not dry, rarely sensitive, and generally not problematic. 

So does that mean you can just lean back and enjoy your perfectly normal skin? No, hehe. Even though normal skin is kinda like winning the skincare jackpot, you still need to give your skin some good ol’ lovin’. However, caring for normal skin is often an easier task than caring for other skin types. 

Even though your skin is well-behaved on a regular basis, you’ll probably still experience ups and downs when it comes to breakdowns, oiliness, dryness, and whatnot. Because that’s just the reality of skin - it gets affected by the changing seasons and well, just life in general. So, when you have normal skin, it’s all about trying to keep that balanced skin, well, balanced.

So what should you do to keep it balanced? 

At NØIE, we believe in a simple routine - especially if you have normal skin. A simple routine is achieved in 3 steps: cleanse, moisturise, protect. 

Let’s break it down: 

1. Cleanse
People with normal skin are blessed in the cleanser department, as they can typically use all the different types of cleansers out there. So it's all about finding the cleanser that works best for your skin. Some prefer a foaming gel cleanser while others are more into balm cleansers or even an oily formulated cleanser. Oh, to have the luxury of choosing out of preference instead of need. 

2. Moisturise
Much like the choice of cleanser, the choice of moisturiser is pretty up in the open and up to you individually what you prefer. However, you might want to target any specific needs (although you’ll generally see few issues with normal skin). So if you’re dealing with some redness or hyperpigmentation as a result of previous acne or sun exposure, you can try to find a moisturiser that will target those specific needs. Or you can just have one customised for you. 

3. Protect
No one is safe from the sun, so this goes for all skin types: Wear sunscreen. 

Find a sunscreen that feels comfortable on your skin - ideally so comfortable that you want to wear it every day, all year around (yep, you heard us). We recommend using an SPF 30 as a minimum, but if you’re all-in, by all means, go for an SPF 50.

Get a customised skincare routine for your normal skin with NØIE

You’re probably well aware that we make customised skincare. If not - hello, we’re NØIE and we make customised skincare 👋

So, we kinda gushed about the fact that you can choose (more or less) anything you want when you have a normal skin type. But having all the options available can be quite overwhelming as well. 

However! With NØIE, you don’t have to choose. We choose for you. Well, or super clever algorithms choose for you. With data from over 150.000 people and scientifically proven ingredients, we’re able to customise formulations for your specific needs - also if you feel like your normal skin doesn't really have any specific needs. That’s the trick! 

Customised skincare that works. Really.

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