How we Offset Emissions

We're taxing ourselves for our carbon emissions

And we don’t support carbon offsets that reduce or avoid emissions, like energy efficiency projects that offer better cookstoves, or renewable energy projects such as wind or solar power. While these are all good initiatives, they don’t help remove carbon that’s already in the atmosphere. Rather, we only invest in projects that actually remove carbon from the atmosphere.

There’s no way around it

To achieve net zero emissions globally by mid-century, and ensure compatibility with the Paris Agreement, emission reductions are necessary, but not sufficient. We need to support and scale up carbon removals.

We partner with experts to ensure high quality

We’re working with Klimate to invest in a diversified portfolio of high quality carbon removal offsets following best practices aligned with The Oxford Offsetting Principles.

Removing CO2 permanently from the atmosphere

There's a million ways to offset the carbon you emit. Here's how we go about it:


Solutions we support


Heating waste biomass to high temperatures without oxygen turns it into carbon-rich biochar. Applied to soils, biochar is great for storing carbon for a long time while simultaneously increasing agricultural productivity.

Direct Air Capture

Direct Air Capture uses large fan-like machines to pull CO2 directly out of the atmosphere. Captured CO2 can either be stored permanently in rock formations underneath the earth’s surface or reused for other materials.


By heating up biomass to extremely high temperatures without oxygen, carbon is locked up in bio-oil. This carbon-rich material is stored permanently underground. Essentially creating oil and putting it back in the ground.

Enhanced Weathering

Enhanced weathering (EW) is a geochemical carbon removal solution that speeds up the natural weathering process. Weathering involves a series of chemical reactions that remove CO2 from the atmosphere and ultimately stores the carbon securely in minerals.

Curious about our sustainability efforts?

We're on a journey and we're eager to show you what we're working on.