"I have been on penicillin every third month for many years"

Simone is 26 and lives in Denmark. She's been struggling with eczema and dry skin for the past 10 years. Simone has been using NØIE since March 2021.

"I suffer from PTSD. And when I get really stressed or if I’m not well mentally, then I get infections in my entire body. I have been on penicillin every third month for many years because I haven’t been able to get rid of it once it’s there", Simone says.

So whenever she isn’t feeling well, her skin breaks out. And whenever that would happen in the past, she’d be desperate to find a solution. Now, PTSD isn’t something you can cure. And Simone wasn’t looking for a cure towards her diagnosis, but for her skin’s reaction to her diagnosis. The “cure” for Simone’s skin, whenever it would break out, was penicillin. She’d take it every 3rd month to control the inflammation it caused.

And just to state the facts: we're not a miracle products. Never the less, that's what Simone was looking for: "I think I was just looking for a miracle. I never thought I’d find something that would actually work and that you don’t have to go through the doctor to get. But then you came. You just have some really good products. I’ve never tried anything better, I’m really satisfied."

We're just happy you finally found a solution after almost 10 years struggling with skin issues.

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