“When you can feel these things on your face, you become very withdrawn - your body becomes like retreated.”

Adam is 39 and lives in the Czech Republic. He’s been dealing with acne since his teenage years. Adam’s been using NØIE since September, 2021.

“You project it in your mind as… This is all people are focusing on.” When Adam had his first pimple around the age of 12-13, he was supper happy. To him that was a sign of growing up. Little did he know how his skin would turn into a little “curse”, as he describes it and how it would affect his quality of life negatively for the next many, many years. 
 “Acne… Breakouts… Which I have suffered a lot from in my life.” Adam also describes how a breakout would directly affect the way he’d behave. Even down to his body language. His mood would depend heavily on the look of his skin. At work, he’d go to the toilet 5-6 times a day only to check up on his skin. Now he doesn’t do that any more. Now he’d even leave the house realising he had checked up on himself in the mirror before leaving. Nothing short of fantastic.

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