“I don’t do showers in the morning because then my skin gets all fucked for the rest of the day”

Amalie is 27 and lives in Denmark. She's struggled with dry and sensitive skin her entire life.

Amalie’s been dealing with sensitive skin all her life. As she got older, it’d show in her face too by getting red very easily. Whenever she’d been showering, her skin would feel like it was stinging.

Whatever she’d do (or not do), her skin would react. Like Amalie explains:

“If I didn’t do anything to my skin, it gets so dry. And if I do something with my skin, I feel like I’m getting all red and that it stings and burns.”

Amalie felt like her skin made her look like someone out of breath and red-faced. To try and avoid that feeling, she’s been trying to cover up her skin. Sometimes she’d even sleep with makeup on, because she was afraid of how her skin would look in the morning without it. Amalie even felt like she couldn’t go out because of her skin.

“I just remember feeling uncomfortable.”

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