“I felt so disgusting. I mean really, really disgusting”

Anna is 22 and lives in Denmark. She's been struggling with acne since puberty. Anna has been using NØIE since November 2020.

“Yikes, that’s disgusting. Don’t pick it”, Anna’s teacher told her back in 6th grade. “I felt so disgusting. I mean really, really disgusting”, Anna tells us while thinking back on her first years with acne.

Her skin had a massive effect on her confidence: “I really doubted myself. Because my face wasn’t that pretty, or so I thought, I was very insecure about the rest of my body as well”, she says. And when Anna’s teacher started to comment on her looks it really got to her. She was young and didn’t know what was happening to her skin or why: “You were just starting to be like: “What is it? And why is it there? It itches and so on.”

Luckily, Anna is better now, more than 10 years later: “There’s no doubt that it’s helped that my skin has become more beautiful. I feel more comfortable with myself. And I don’t struggle with big breakouts anymore.”

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