A lifetime with eczema.

Annette is 53 and lives in Denmark. She's been struggling with eczema her entire life. Annette has been using NØIE since May 2020.

“Then I started dating and I was so aware of the eczema around my mouth, which made me afraid of kissing others”, Annette says.  

Annette has always been affected by her eczema. But it has changed name through out the years depending on which doctor she talked to. But none of them could find a satisfying solution. She always felt people were looking at her eczema when she had a breakout. No matter how “open minded and tolerant people are”, as she puts it. “People will always look.”

Annette explains how she’d be afraid of waking up with yet another breakout, but: “I feel such a difference now, because I don't have that worry anymore.”

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