"How do you get rid of the pain that acne causes?"

Dicte is 20 and lives in Denmark. She's been struggling with acne most of her life. Dicte has been using NØIE since December, 2020.

"How do you get rid of the pain that acne causes? Because in my case, the pain was so severe.", Dicte tells us.

She's been struggling with skin issues for long periods of her life. And her acne would hurt. A lot. Also, whenever she’d meet anyone else with a skin issue that would be the first thing she’d notice about the person. So she was absolutely certain that everyone else was noticing her skin issues too.

"My hair was quite long, so I would cover it up that way. Or I would use my hands to do it. Just like, touch my face all the time to cover it. That had an enormous effect on my confidence."

Today Dicte has cut her hair short to actually show off her face. And the pain is finally gone. As she says: "The highlight of this journey has been that I overcame the pain."

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