“Sometimes it got so bad that I’d even wash my face and even put on makeup just to take the dogs for a walk.”

Gabriela is 37 and lives in Italy. She's been struggling with acne since she turned 30. Gabriela has been using NØIE since Oktober 2019.

Gabriela’s acne was extremely painful. Well-aware of the risks of acne scars and worsening her skin, she’d “pop” her pimples simply because they would hurt so bad.

In an attempt of alleviating her acne, she’d use products with benzyol peroxide and take antibiotics. The antibiotics made her tired and the benzyol peroxide made her afraid of hugging people and sleeping over at her boyfriend’s place because it stains.

Luckily, after using NØIE she feels like she got her acne under control. As she puts herself, you don’t cure acne, but you can control acne.

“I feel like my skin is healthy.”

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