“I felt a bit awkward or ashamed because I was thinking: "Yes, pimples should be for 15 years old.”

Giulia is 28 and lives in Italy. She has been struggling with acne since she was 15.

“And sometimes I thought that maybe people would look at them (my pimples) when they were talking with me.”

Giulia is struggling with acne. Specifically, she struggles with pimples while her skin is very sensitive. Because of that, it’s been really difficult for her finding something that works for her skin. Like she explains:

“I’ve always looked for something that would make the pimples go away. But it was too harsh for my skin. Because sometimes I have sensitive skin, it depends on the day.”

Giulia’s skin issues impacted the way she’d think and behave. She couldn’t help but think that people would notice her pimples, when she was talking with them. And she couldn’t understand how she would still be dealing with pimples at the age of 28. Like she says:

"I'm old now. Why do I still have them?" 

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