“My wife’s grandmom looked at me and said: Why are you so red?”

Jesper is 33 and lives in Denmark. He's been struggling with eczema since he was 19 years old. Jesper has been using NØIE since July, 2020.

"I just wanted to stay at home and hide. If I met a sweet girl I’d think... “Why even bother?”", Jesper says when thinking back on his struggle with eczema since he was 19.

Jesper especially remembers one situation, that stuck with him: "When I met my wife, I remember sitting at a family dinner and her grandmom looks at me and said: "Why are you so red?" All I could say was "I don't know". A question like that just makes it so much worse. So that was just really horrible", Jesper tells us. A situation many can probably relate to when dealing with a visible skin issue. A lot of comments and not-so-great (but well meaning) advice.

And when Jesper started to tell us about his journey to finding something that could actually help him with his skin, we asked if he even knew what his issue was - what did the dermatologist say, when he visited: "Omg! So many things. Everything from dandruff to rosacea. All kinds of diseases where I was like: "I've never heard about those". But sure.. I believe you, you must know. I don't get how I can consult a dermatologist with no success or solution. And then try NØIE and suddenly have the solution for me.", Jesper answers.

We always recommend seeing a dermatologist. But sometimes the road to healthier skin is long and twisted. Luckily, Jesper didn’t give up. He found a way.

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