“I'm reflective like you'd be able to see this from the moon“

Josefin is 31 and lives in Sweden. She's been struggling with oily skin since she was a teenager. Josefin has been using NØIE since December, 2020.

"I remember standing in the mirror and I could peel off the skin from my nose. It was like the skin barrier was that damaged that I could just stand there peeling off, like, big strips of skin. There was nothing left, nothing left protecting my face at all.", Josefin explains very vividly.

As she puts it, she was dealing with the consequences of over-treating her skin. But it’s no wonder she’d try and “fix” her skin. She felt her skin was so oily that it was reflecting like a mirror.
“I'm reflective like you'd be able to see this from the moon.“, she says with a grin. But today she says: "I have basically no breakouts, I have no zits ever nowadays, which is so strange to me."

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