“I’m the type that goes to do a workout and then instantly I look like a red beet.”

Kaisa is 36 and lives in Estonia. She's been struggling with dry skin and redness for many years. Kaisa has been using NØIE since December 2020.

“My skin is like: ‘Oh so you’re on holiday, great, we’re not gonna let you go out because you look so horrible,’” Kaisa says jokingly. “And then you try to cover it up and then that doesn’t work either.”

Kaisa is struggling with red skin. She describes her skin as being prone to rosacea.

And when she’d do stuff, like working out, her skin would react instantly. As she puts it: “Your whole face looks like a boiled beet.”

It made her very self-conscious. Luckily, her skin is doing better after starting using NØIE back in December, 2020. And now she can leave the house confident and without putting on makeup.

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