“Sometimes I just want to stay at home. And just not show myself - put on a mask.“

Kathrine is 20 and lives in Denmark. She's been struggling with acne and dry skin for years. Kathrine has been using NØIE since July 2021.

Katrine has been dealing with acne for the past 10 years. In some periods, it would be rather superficial, but in other periods it would be really bad.

When trying to find the right help for her skin, she was ordinated a cream that made her skin a lot worse. She explains:

“I was given a cream that made it much worse. As in much, much worse. My acne stayed the same, but the rest of my skin started swelling. Have you ever seen anyone with a severe sunburn?”

Her skin would make her want to stay at home. Or put on a mask if she was going out. And she couldn’t help but wonder why she was the one having to struggle with this.

Thankfully, her skin is better now. And that’s a massive relief, as she describes it: “In many ways, it’s a massive burden that’s gone.”

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