“It’s like you cannot keep the cool outside, you know?”

Katja is 49 and lives in Finland. She's been struggling with redness and acne for many years.

Katja’s skin gets red very easily. And it’s been a real struggle for her for a long time. Not just because of the looks of her skin, but just as much because of the impact it has had on her mental health. Katja explains:

“I’ve always had problems with the self-esteem and not liking myself or the way I look or whatever. But this (my skin) made it almost impossible.”

Katja’s skin made her wanting to stay put. Like she says: “Like, I don’t want to go out.” But she had to go out, because she was working at a cafe at the time. Which meant she had to be upfront and close with people she didn’t know: “So like, I had to interact with people.”

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