For the past 6 years, Lucie has been struggling with acne. In a conversation with Graham from NØIE on March 14th, 2022, she says:

»I guess a lot of stress also made my skin look really, really bad.«⁠⁠

You can view and listen to Lucie’s story in the video.


Lucie shared her experience with us in writing and this is how she describes it:

As a teenager, I have never struggled with acne. Around my 20s I started to have problems with acne and it was getting worse and worse. I hated my skin and my face which only caused the acne to grow more. I was losing my confidence and every day I was checking my skin in the mirror and looking at every papule that was on my face. I was trying different products, always with no or little results and I was so impatient. Went to the dermatologist, tried different ointments that made my skin so dry and irritated, even considered using the pills.

However, I decided that it is not worth ruining my body this way and tried to find different solutions. The peak of my acne happened during the covid outbreak. The fact of not being able to go out, see friends, meet new people... I turned 25, wanted to take some next steps in life, enjoy it more, but suddenly I could not. It stressed me so much and all those negative feelings and worries showed on my skin. I just started to use Noie cosmetics and saw that so far it worked and my acne did not grow that much. I also started going to a cosmetician when everything got reopened again and slowly started to love myself even with bad skin. Once I began ignoring my skin, it got better. Less and less breakouts and only dark scars were left. The last drop for my acne was when I decided to quit my Masters studies. I realized that it made me so unhappy and stressed and that my acne actually broke out when I started studying.

Now my skin looks healthy, still has breakouts here and there. But when a new breakout appears I ignore it, do not try to pop it or get rid of it asap. We just coexist together until the moment it grows enough and it is ready to leave me :D My scars also healed pretty well after using vitamin C serum.

Fun fact is that during the time my skin was the worst, I met my future boyfriend who told me after we started dating that he found me very beautiful. EVEN WITH ALL THOSE BUMPS, BREAKOUT AND SCARS! This year, when I visited his country, one server called me really beautiful because despite my acne scars, which she struggles with too, I look confident and that it inspired her to try and be more confident too. Why am I mentioning it? Just to show you how mighty our minds are and how much we get influenced by our own brain which should be our friend, but sometimes it is mean to us. Wake up and when you look in the mirror tell yourself you are beautiful. Your skin may not be in perfect condition, but it is not the only thing on you. Compliment your eyes, smile, hair and the skin will follow. Be satisfied with who you are and do not let other people define your life. All of this can affect your skin. I learned this the hard way and now I know how I should live and I can thank my skin for that :)


We want to create a safe space for everyone that is struggling with a skin concern. Your story might be life-changing for someone else.