“Well, when is this gonna stop?”

Maren is 22 and lives in Germany. She's been struggling with acne since she hit puberty. Maren has been using NØIE since December, 2020.

When Maren turned 21, she looked at her acne and thought to herself: “Well, when is this gonna stop?”

Like many others, Maren was certain that once she got older, her skin issues would… disappear. But they didn't. And when she looked around and everyone else started to get clearer skin, she thought: "Okay, well, maybe one more year and then I'll be all cleared up." Yet still nothing. So she tried a bunch of stuff to fix it, as anyone would probably do. It wasn't until recently that she accepted her skin. She still has some hormonal breakouts, but as she says: "I think it's okay. And now I don't have to go into the drugstore and figure it all out by myself, I just have to take the skin test again and that'll figure it out for me, which I think is quite nice."

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