“When someone says: Oh, you have a pimple on your forehead… You’re like: No shit?!”

Maria is 26 and lives in Portugal. She's been struggling with dry skin for years. Maria's been using NØIE since May, 2021.

"It's very hard for me to find good creams, because it's dry, but it's oily at the same time", Maria says.

And what Maria is experiencing is probably something that a lot of people can relate to, as skin is rarely easy to put in a box. It's complex. And so can skincare be. And when struggling to find something that actually helps, you're so aware of your skin at the same time: "It makes me very conscious of the things I have on my skin, when I go to things", Maria says. "When someone has a pimple on their forehead and someone says: "Oh, you have a pimple on your forehead", it's like: "No shit””.

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