“I heard comments from, like, teenage boys about how I should put a bag over my face”

Meg is 25 and lives in Austria. They have struggled with acne for as long as they can remember. Meg has been using NØIE since May 2021.

“I heard comments from, like, teenage boys about how I should put a bag over my face”, Meg says.

Their skin issues started when they were eleven or twelve and they were pretty severe from the beginning. At the same time Meg had always felt super insecure about their face in generel. So covering the skin up with hair was like a safety blanket.

“And then I came out as trans, non-binary, and I cut my hair. My long hair has always been something I used to hide my face in, partly because of my skin. But then again, my long hair also cost me a lot of gender dysphoria”, Meg explains.

Even with their family they got comments on their skin: “I would go visit my cousin. She opens the door and the first thing she says is: "Oh, your skin has gotten worse." That made me super, super insecure because I was like, "OK, people can see it, and people think about it, and people talk about it in front of me."

We’ve heard it time and time again how others comments can spiral your own thoughts into even worse scenarios. In the end you just want to find a solution that makes you feel good inside and out. Just like Meg wished for: “I just looked for feeling good in my skin and feeling healthy. And that's definitely what I'm feeling now.”

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