“It’s kind of sad, because that’s just how we look. It’s so human to have pimples.”

Natasha is 23 and lives in Sweden. She has been struggling with sensitive and combination skin for years.

“Well, my skin has always been very sensitive.”

Not only has Natasha been dealing with sensitive skin her entire life, she’s also struggled with combination skin and acne. Even though she thinks having pimples is very normal, it can’t help but affect her greatly when she gets a pimple. She explains:

“I don't know, it's just deep in my brain already that if I have pimples, I look ugly.”

Natasha says that whenever she’d get a pimple, she’d do anything to fix it. But going to the dermatologist wasn’t exactly the solution, because it would be so expensive. Instead, she’d mix and match different products from different brands and her skin would end up… worse. She clearly remembers the process:

“I remember walking into the mirror after a few weeks of using this product and I just started crying because like: "No, this is not supposed to be like... this is not the purpose. I wanted to have clear skin, not more pimples.”

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