Rita is 43 and lives in Portugal. She's been struggling with acne since she was 9. Rita has been using NØIE December, 2020.

“I’ve tried everything for 30 years now”, Rita says.

She’s been struggling with acne since she was 9 or 10. And as she describes it “it was very very bad.”

So naturally Rita went to the dermatologist and was treated mostly with pills. But “There were many side effects. I stopped because I was tired of it. And pharmacy stuff didn’t work.” So Rita resolved to covering her skin with “a lot” of makeup. That’s how she dealt with her teenage years.

But even as a grown up the acne would still be very present both on her back and on her face. So she went to the dermatologist again. And got exactly the same medication as she did when she was younger.

Then she switched to NØIE: “I don’t know how you do it. It worked. And for so long I was looking for something similar.”

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