"I had to wear makeup to cover it up and hide it."

Sandra is 27 and lives in Denmark. She's been struggling with redness for about two years. Sandra has been using NØIE since February, 2022.

"I've been dealing with this redness, especially in the cheek area, for almost two years”, Sandra says. What started out as a bit of redness during winter, ended up being constant redness on Sandra’s skin - no matter the season. Not only was the redness annoying in itself, but people kept asking about the redness and Sandra was having to explain why she was dealing with it. It even made her wear makeup, which she had never done before. But with the “permanent” redness on Sandra’s skin, she felt it was mandatory to do so all of a sudden. As she says: “I had to wear makeup to cover it up and hide it. I felt that it was mandatory.” Now she’s found a solution, that actually works for her. The redness is still there a Iittle bit, but: “That feeling has for sure decreased and it has almost disappeared now”, Sandra says.

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