“My confidence just plummeted.”

Sara is 27 and lives in Sweden. She has been struggling with acne for the past 2 years.

“Because you have bad skin, your confidence just goes down and then you feel bad with everything about you. Like: “Oh, Like: "Oh, even now my hair is bad" or "my body is bad" or "I don't know this stuff.”

That’s how Sara’s skin made her feel. She’s been struggling with acne for the past 2 years. And it’s been a difficult time for her. Her self image was very much affected by the state of her skin. Her skin would even make her feel like she was worth less:

“It's your own self image. So when I had a lot of acne and just felt like: "No, I'm not... I'm not worth it.”

And when she’d look at pictures of herself, all she would see was her acne. Nothing else. That’s how much her acne troubled her.

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