“You just wanna cover it up.”

Shanna is 23 and lives in France. She’s been struggling with acne since puberty.

Shanna’s been dealing with acne for years. She clearly remembers when going to school, her skin was the first thing she would think of in the morning. Shanna would go look herself in the mirror just check up on her skin’s state that day. On bad (skin) days, she’d try covering it up. She explains:

“I mean, I used to go through foundation bottles every like two weeks, probably two to three weeks. But even foundation can't cover everything up.”

And social media wasn’t exactly helping with her self-confidence, because that would only make her want to look good even more and wish for even healthier skin. She explains:

“Well, at the moment with social media and everything, kind of like, how you look is… I guess an important thing.” 

But Shanna’s skin wasn’t exactly behaving like those on social media and it affected her. Like she says:

“It’s horrible when you do get a breakout, because you feel… It makes you feel kinda sad or depressed.”

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