“I didn’t really think about the appearance, it was more the pain.”

Simone is 34 and lives in Denmark. She's been struggling with spots and redness since puberty. Simone has been using NØIE since February, 2021.

"I don't think it was acne, but the spots were so painful. I didn't really think about the appearance, it was more the pain.", Simone says.

As you can tell, Simone’s spots were painful. Very painful. They were itching so badly that she couldn’t help but scratch them until they'd start bleeding. And her skin has been a big part of her growing up. Throughout teenage years, she can’t remember a time where she didn’t struggle with her skin. So obviously she was looking for a solution to make the pain go away: "Then I saw that NØIE had a 2-step routine and I was like: "Fuck it, let me try it." That was a good decision because I'm less red on my cheeks and my nose. I don't know why it works, but it works. I don't have those painful spots anymore."

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