"I was like: Oh, come on guys. I'm what, 38 and I'm having acne"

Sophie is 40 and lives in Germany. She's been struggling with dry skin and acne for years. Sophie has been using NØIE since March, 2021.

"I was really annoyed. Yeah. I was like: Oh, come on guys. I'm what, 38 and I'm having acne. You've got to be kidding me", Sophie says.

Acne is often seen as a teenage thing. But acne can happen to anyone at any age. Two years ago Sophie was 38 and still had acne. She teaches at a university where she also gives talks. So she’s often the center of attention to a lot of people that are there to look at her and listen to her: "So that would of course sometimes be stressful. And those are sometimes the moments where I really just have to force myself. I can't tell my students “Nah, not happening today, having skin problems”", she explains as she thinks back.

But luckily, it has become way less today since Sophie started using NØIE back in March, 2021.

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