“I had to wear a lot of makeup for it not to show”

Sophie is 27 and lives in Germany. She has been struggling with acne for the past years.

Sophie has been struggling with her skin for years. She describes her skin as greasy, but not very greasy, and yet it has dry tendencies. Like many others with combination skin, it’s been very difficult for her to find something that works for her skin when it has different needs in small areas like that. And that’s not an easy task:

“So to find something that dries out enough for the skin not to get greasy, but doesn't dry out too much so that the skin is super “poory”, you know?

Sophie’s skin had a big effect on how she’d think and see herself. Like she says:

“I was really self-conscious and I didn’t really want to be in pictures and stuff”

Sophie also explains how her skin made her behave in a certain way, ultimately being a person she didn’t want to be. She explains:

“You don’t want to be that one person who tells others: ‘Don’t post that’ or: ‘Can you not share that?’ just because you feel insecure about yourself, you know?”

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