"Then you start to cry, because your skin is just that bad."

Tessa is 28 and lives in The Netherlands. She's been struggling with acne for the past few years. Tessa has been using NØIE since January, 2020.

"It's not nice when you can't do the things you want to because you sit at home. And then you start to cry, because your skin is just that bad.", Tessa says.

When dealing with a skin concern, you may believe that all people see is that. Your skin concern. And you may even start cancelling plans and activities because of that skin concern. Tessa did both: She was absolutely certain that all people would see was her skin. And with her wedding coming up, Tessa got really nervous how her skin would act on the big day: "I just want my skin to look beautiful when I get married", she thinks back.

Today, Tessa's skin is under control and she's started to think about it in a different way: "I think you guys really do it in a good way to make sure that when I buy my products with you, I feel that it's okay, that it will not make my skin look really really perfect, but that it's nourished, that the product helps, and that it really does make my skin better and that the focus is on that. And not that it will be like when you put a filter on Instagram."

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