“I know firsthand how bad the skin can make you feel."

Tim is 46 and lives in England. He's been struggling with acne for most of his life. Tim has been using NØIE since February, 2021.

“I know firsthand how bad the skin can make you feel", Tim says.

He's been struggling with acne most of his life. Large cysts and lumps under his skin. And it’s really affected him: “The way that it can stop you from doing stuff, even wanting to go to school”, Tim says when he thinks back.

He used to hide a tube of Benzyol Peroxide in his bag at all times, because it was the only thing that could keep the acne down. But he also experienced how harsh it was to his skin, as it actually discolored his clothing. When he tried NØIE it took a few months for him to see the improvement: "I stuck with it and my skin started to improve. I do get spots for sure. But they come quick and they go quick", he explains.

Tim even had an experience lately, that he'd never had before: "I remember this florist coming to my house and she was like "you look really good" and I was like "Oh my God", 'cause no one has ever said that to me before."

We're just so happy that Tim is finally at a place, where here doesn't have to hide anymore and cancel plans. What a journey he's had.

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