"My brother has so many problems, that he wasn't even sure what to select."

Vlad is 31 and lives in England. He doesn't really have any issues with his skin but his brother has struggled with acne for many years. Vlad has been using NØIE since May, 2021.

"I don't really have skin problems per se. But I also got my brother to do it as well and he's a teenager, so he has like lots of, you know, pimples and stuff like that. But he actually has so many problems hormonal primarily, that he wasn't even sure what to select.", Vlad explains.

Yes, Vlad is one of those lucky guys who’s not really having a skin issue. Yet he wanted skincare and really liked the idea of personalisation. His brother, on the other hand, has been struggling with pimples and acne for a long time. And you may call Vlad lucky, but you also have to call him a loving brother: Because he put his brother on subscription for NØIE products and pays for the whole thing. Each and every time. That’s truly caring.

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