Face Cleanser 200 ml


In the very best Nøie-fashion, your Face Cleanser is customised for your skin whether you struggle with acne, eczema, sensitive skin, dry skin, psoriasis or combination skin.

That’s why you’ll never have to worry about unnecessary ingredients, perfume, colourants, Alkohol Denat or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), that are super drying for the skin and can lead to dehydration, irritation and acne.

We carefully pick and put together the best humectants (molecules, that attract and binds moisture) and mild, but efficiently cleansing ingredients.

84% of all Nøie users experience an improvement after 28 days.

Every Nøie product is:

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Vegan
  • Without perfume
  • Without colorants
  • Sustainable

How to use:

Use your customised Nøie Face Cleanser every night to remove all traces of dirt, makeup and sunscreen on your skin. Use it in the morning to remove sweat from the night and bacteria that can form on your pillowcase. Use a hazelnut sized amount and massage it onto dry skin. We don’t recommend

using it to remove eye makeup. Add a bit of water as you go, to massage it further into the skin and make the formula easier to work with. Finish off by washing the cleanser off and apply your customised Nøie Face Cream.

Bonus points if you double cleanse! Your customised cleanser is made to clean your skin effectively and gentle in the first cleanse, but we always recommend spending those extra few seconds to cleanse twice - especially in the evening.

How does the Skin Test work?

Our algorithm works with 820.000 data points made from feedback from over 60,000 people with skin issues. And it’s from these data points that the algorithm matches you with the cream with the highest statistical probability to improve your skin. When you’ve finished the test you’ll belong to a Skin Family with a lot of other people with the same symptoms as you - many of them who have already experienced an improvement in their skin using the cream they’ve been matched with.

If the algorithm should in some way have trouble matching you with the right product, our Scientific Advisor will manually go over your profile and give you a recommendation based on your answers and his scientific knowledge.

Skin improvement guarantee:

Luckily, 71% of all Nøie users sees and feels an improvement after just 30 days, but if you're not satisfied with your results at that point we'll send you a new personalised cream for free. If you still don't see an improvement, we'll give you your money back. Easy as that!

What's a Skin Family?

After you’ve finished the skin test, you’ll be part of a Skin Family with a lot of other Nøie members, who share the same symptoms as you - many of them who have already experienced an improvement in their skin using the cream they’ve been matched with.

And as with any family you share a lot of similar traits. Members of the same Skin Family will have skin that is statistically alike and will most likely benefit from the same cream combinations. Visit your skin profile to learn more about your Skin Family.