Face Sunscreen

Your personalised Face Sunscreen will be matched to your skin after you’ve completed the skin test. That’s also why your name will be on the label.

Your sunscreen contains antioxidants as well as moisturising and non-comedogenic ingredients. It protects you from both UVA and UVB rays, is very water resistant and coral reef friendly.

And of course, it does not contain any alcohol denat., perfume or colourants - making it suitable to use on both sensitive skin and for children.

However, since it’s your own personal sunscreen with ingredients mixed for your skin, we can only tell you the exact combination once you’ve told us more about your skin and your wants for it. Naturally, the final ingredients will be listed on your product.

Dermatologically tested
100% vegan
Without perfume
Without coloring
/ 50ml
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Face Cream
€39 · 50 ML
Face Serum
€38 · 30 ML
Face Cleanser
€18 · 130 ML
Body Sunscreen
€19 · 130 ML
Body & Hand Cream
€17 · 130 ML
Spot Treatment
€13 · 15 ML
Body & Hand Cream
€26 · 300 ML