Face Serum

If our algorithm finds that you might benefit from our Face Serum, it will appear among the products at the end of your skin test. If not, it won’t appear there at all.

Your personalised Face Serum will be matched to address your skin’s specific issues. That’s also why your name will be on the label.

The purpose of a face serum is to increase efficacy. Serums have a high concentration of actives, are absorbed quickly, and can reinforce the effect of your face cream. It can also help target any secondary skin concerns such as dehydrated skin, redness or uneven skin tone and texture.

Since it’s your own personal serum with ingredients mixed for your skin, we can only tell you the exact combination once you’ve told us more about your skin and your wants for it.
Naturally, the final ingredients will be listed on your product.

Dermatologically tested
100% vegan
Without perfume
Without coloring
/ 30ml
Serum footprint


Face Cream
€39 · 50 ML
Face Cleanser
€18 · 130 ML
Body & Hand Cream
€17 · 130 ML
Spot Treatment
€13 · 15 ML
Face Sunscreen
€33 · 50 ML
Body & Hand Cream
€26 · 300 ML
Body Sunscreen
€19 · 130 ML