Customised Face Serums

Packed with goodness and scientifically proven ingredients to boost the effectiveness of your skincare while targeting your specific concerns.


The Face Serum: Light but powerful

  • 30 ml
  • €38

Looking for that extra oomph to boost your skin? Maybe it’s lacking hydration? Or you’re looking to calm redness? Or even try to fade your hyperpigmentation? 

Good thing we’ve developed a serum then! Customised specifically for you and your skin, of course.

All our serums have a light, gel-like consistency to ensure quick absorption to the skin. But don’t mistake that light consistency for a lack of power. 

It’s packed with powerful ingredients to target your primary (or secondary) skin concerns. Kinda like a hype (wo)man to your Face Cream. 

Whatever skin concern(s) you’re dealing with, our super clever algorithms will come up with the very best ingredients to put in your serum.

But remember! If the robots don’t think your skin will benefit from a serum, you won’t have one recommended. 

When the serum’s out, it will appear automatically (poof) on your profile, if you’ve taken the skin test within the last 3 months. If it’s been longer (or you just can’t remember when you last took it), simply re-take the test.

Take the skin test

Why add a serum to your routine?

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’re probably wondering why we’ve suddenly made a serum, when all we ever talk about is having a simple skincare routine.

We understand that. So we asked our formulation specialists to empty their brains, so we could make a Serum 101 guide for you. 

In the guide, we’re breaking down and demystifying serums: How do they actually work and how may you benefit from adding a serum to your skincare routine?

Dermatologically tested

100% vegan

Without perfume

Without colorants